Client changes

Have you chosen your dream apartment and you are already planning how to change it into a cosy home?

We know that every single one of us is different. We are personalities with various interests and tastes. Home should be a place, where we feel safe. It is our oasis, behind which door we leave all the troubles and all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are aware of this in GARTAL, so we approach to every one of you, our clients, with willingness to listen and mainly to actually satisfy your needs and desires.

If the layout and construction of the apartment is suitable, we are able to make magic. J Nevertheless, it is always ideal to announce client changes and work on them as soon as possible after signing the future purchase contract. You see – it is better take care of the floor and the layout during the construction rather than after it.

What changes can you provide in your apartment?



  • Floor and wall tiling, floor covering, doors (without changing the size of the door opening and direction of opening the door)
  • Terminal endings of wiring
  • This change is in design, there is no change in extent and way of installation, execution or layout


  • Changes in the location and number of fittings, heaters, water outlets, sink drains, air ventilation, electrical outlets and terminal endings of wiring
  • Changes in the thickness of floor coverings affecting the thickness of the floor layer
  • Change of rotation of interior doors, the extent of plenum walls in bathrooms, toilets and kitchen corners
  • Shifts of internal partition walls without changes in the amount of used material


  • This change requires major intervention in the project documentation
  • Changes in layout, shifts, prolonging or shortening of partition walls
  • Construction of new partition walls or demolition of partition walls and interconnection of rooms
  • Moving bathrooms, toilets and kitchen corners
  • Changes in dimensions and amount of openings
  • Changes in the housing for sliding door
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