Is a reservation of a real property always binding and subject to a fee?

No, a prospective buyer can reserve a property for up to 2 days without a commitment. This can be done in person, over the phone, or by e-mail, after a viewing or a meeting with our representative, without the need to pay a reservation fee, contractual guaranty, or a down payment on the purchase price. After the reservation period, either a written agreement is concluded, or the tentative reservation is cancelled.

I am interested in a property you offer. How can i contact you?

Can several properties be viewed during a single meeting?

What is the difference between individual and co-operative ownership?

What about contracts? What type of a contract do we sign?

How can i finance a property purchase with GARTAL? Is the loan collateralised in any way?

How are a mortgage and purchase of an apartment treated, from the point of view of common marital property? What is the procedure in the event of a divorce?

Is it possible to buy an apartment for someone else, for example, for an underage child?

Are there any other ways of restricting disposals with a property?

Are GARTAL projects encumbered with loans for the financing of their construction?

I have heard the term “declaration of the building owner” (in czech: prohlášení vlastníka budovy). What is that?

Do you give a warranty on the buildings you build? Are there any pitfalls to such a warranty?

What taxes do i have to pay in the event of a real property transfer? Are there any other fees involved?

What is required for successful registration in the land register?

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