Have you found your dream home in one of our projects? Contact us to arrange a meeting and one of our sales representatives will walk you through all the details of the purchase process. If you need more time to consider your purchase, you can place a tentative reservation on the selected apartment for up to two days. The apartment will still be available to other clients, but you will have a priority right to it. This reservation carries no obligation and is completely free of charge.

  1. Have you made your final decision? Great! At this point, you will sign a Reservation Agreement and pay a fee of 95 000 CZK, and the apartment will be withdrawn from public offer.
  2. What happens next? Within one month, you must sign a Future Purchase Agreement (SоSBK) and deposit 15 - 20% of the selected apartment price.
  3. The last step is to sign the Purchase Agreement once the construction of the project is complete. At this time, you will pay the remaining 80 - 85% of the purchase price, less your reservation fee of 95 000 CZK. Upon the conclusion of the agreement, you become the owner of the property and may move in.


calculator Let yourself relax. No more running between banks, waiting, submitting and comparing offers. By simply choosing a GARTAL mortgage:

  • you will be able to arrange all the necessary processes to purchase a property in the same spot
  • you will receive offers from up to 10 banks within 24 hours
  • we will provide you with the lowest interest rate on the market
  • you do not pay any processing or estimation fees
  • we will refund your reservation fee if you do not obtain a mortgage with us

The full terms of your GARTAL mortgage will be prepared and managed by a team led by Ing. Matúš Kuchálik, who know all our projects in great detail and can advise you individually. Ing. Kuchálik has received the prestigious European €FA certificate, which is a symbol of quality and trustworthiness.

Real estate leasing (cooperative financing)

Live without a mortgage. We have an alternative option for you such as leasing (cooperative financing). Choose an apartment from our offer, make 20% of the cost, and you can become its owner right now. The remaining amount is paid in regular monthly payments in the form of rent, and after paying the full cost, you can transfer the apartment to private ownership.

Why choose cooperative financing?

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