Lofts on Kubánské square in a house with character


Kubánské náměstí, Praha 10 - Vršovice

Project completion date

2Q 2024

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Commercial units: 1

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Moje Kubáň

About project

The house we are currently renovating on Kubánské square was built in the 1960s, when bell-bottoms and colourful headbands were in fashion. When we finish the project, this building with its unmistakable sandstone facade will have a slightly more luxurious air to it. New lofts ranging in size from 1+kk to 4+kk are being built in Prague 10, tied together by a central marble staircase with a glass lift. Will you ride the lift to the top floor or climb a few stairs to your premium flat with a huge terrace, offering a view of almost all of Vršovice?

And that's not the only interesting element.

The ceilings are almost sky high! We are renovating the house carefully, making sure to preserve as much of its original individuality as possible, including the ceilings, which are almost five metres high. Fashionable glass bricks will provide enough light, which will be reflected off the steel details throughout the house. Let the sun's rays boost your energy in the morning before you leave for work!

Selected flats have raised floors or loft beds and terraces with a square view. Flooring in the flats will consist of quality floating floors and ceramic tiles; we will also use large-format tiles on the walls and plumbing fixtures from proven suppliers.

The house was almost registered as a cultural monument, but life here in the heart of Vršovice is very modern. There is a supermarket on the ground floor, farmer's markets in front of the house, and you can visit one of the countless nearby cafés and restaurants. And if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, you can choose from units that we are currently building in the adjacent building in the Prime Vršovice project.

What you will love about Kubáň



Truly unique housing. High ceilings, large windows and a low amount of partition walls make the space special. Enjoy the airiness and hang a stylish chandelier from the ceiling!


Roof terraces

A luxurious terrace so big it's hard to imagine. Plant greenery or arrange some furniture here. There's enough space for a family get-togther.

Roof terraces

Historic building

We faithfully renovate historic houses so that you can admire their original architecture, while enjoying state-of-the-art materials and technology inside.

Historic building

City centre

At the centre of all action. Theatres, cafés and restaurants are just around the corner. And when you want a bit of nature, you can take a walk in one of the nearby parks.

City centre

Investment opportunity

Flat prices are continuing to rise, so don't miss your chance to make a strategic investment and watch the value of your property appreciate.

Investment opportunity

Supermarket in your building

Have an empty fridge? Go to the ground floor and shop at an international supermarket chain, or step outside your house and visit the farmer's market to buy some homemade goodies.

Supermarket in your building

A trendy neighbourhood

Visit your favourite café on Krymská Street, or go for a drink in park Grébovka. You won't tire of sunset walks in Riegrovy sady (Rieger Gardens) either.

A trendy neighbourhood

Close to everything you need

  • Supermarket
    1 minSupermarket
    On foot
  • Zastávka tramvaje
    1 minZastávka tramvaje
    On foot
  • Stanice metra
    3 minStanice metra
    By tram
  • OC Eden
    10 minOC Eden
    On foot
  • Náměstí Míru
    12 minNáměstí Míru
    By tram
  • Univerzita Karlova
    550 mUniverzita Karlova
    On foot

Which one will you choose?


95 000

CZK including VAT

Reservation fee payable after the conclusion of the Reservation Agreement


of the real estate price, including VAT

After conclusion of a Future Purchase Agreement


Construction progress of a residential project


of the real estate price, including VAT

Minus 95 000,- CZK after the conclusion of a Purchase Agreement


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Monthly payment

9 180,- Kč


The construction progress

Updated at 22/05/2024

Project completion date 2Q 2024


    Window installation


    Internal installations


    Insulation and facade


    Interior finishing works

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