Online contracts

Buy your dream apartment online from wherever you are in a matter of minutes and spend the time you save with your family and friends. Our sales representatives are always available to answer your questions and guide you through the process.


  • tentatively reserve the apartment for up to two days by phone or e-mail at no charge, and
  • conclude a Reservation Agreement or a Future Purchase Agreement (SoSBK) by e-mail or through our online system.


  1. Choose an apartment from our current projects at
  2. Contact our Client Centre either by phone at +420 840 400 440, by e-mail at or via our  contact form to tentatively reserve an apartment for up to two days. 
  3. Conclude a Reservation Agreement by email or through online system. In either case, you will have time to review the contract at your leisure.
  4. If you choose to sign a contract online, you will need to follow the link that your sales representative sends you by email. This link is unique and intended only for you. Do not forward the link to anyone, as the agreement contains sensitive data and your personal information, which must be handled in accordance with the applicable law (GDPR).
  5. imgimg Review the contract we have prepared for you. If everything is satisfactory, proceed to signing it.
    1. At the bottom of the contract, click on the "Sign" button.
    2. You will quickly receive a 4-digit PIN code on your mobile phone to enter in the assigned field before pressing the “Confirm PIN” button.
    3. Now press “Go to Signature” to add your signature in the signature field.
    4. As soon as you press the “Sign” button, the contract is officially signed and ready to be sent to your sales representative.
    5. If everything is correct, click "Finish". You will also receive a confirmed agreement by email. This contract is valid and legally binding.
  6. It is necessary to pay the reservation fee to the account specified in the Reservation Agreement within three working days. When completed, the apartment is bindingly booked and withdrawn from the public offer for other clients.
  7. It is necessary to conclude the Future Purchase Agreement (SoSBK) within 30 days. You can also conclude this agreement online and the procedure is the same as for a Reservation Agreement.


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