GARTAL Cashback

Get back up to 10% of the property value. Choose an apartment in any of the current GARTAL projects, make a second payment and we will return part of it to you in the form of a discount on your property. The sooner you use this special offer, the bigger discount you will get.

How does GARTAL Cashback work?

  • Select a property in one of the GARTAL projects,
  • conclude the Reservation Agreement and pay off the reservation deposit,
  • within 30 days sign the Future Purchase Agreement and pay off the first payment,
  • now you can make a second payment at any time in the amount from 1 million CZK up to the full value of your property,
  • we will finance this payment with a fixed interest rate of 6% p. a. from the day it is made until the day the project is completed, which is specified in the Future Purchase Agreement,
  • sign a Purchase Agreement with a discount on the price of real estate up to 10%.

Calculate your GARTAL Cashback

Below is an example of a calculation in the Zelené kaskády project with the date of completion 31.10.2024, the exact conditions and calculation of the final amount will be prepared for you by our sales representative.

,- Kč
,- Kč

For more detailed information and calculation, please contact our sales representatives, who will prepare for you an individual offer with an exact calculation.

Actual apartments offer


Zelené kaskády | Apartment 118

1 + kk, 35.60 + 11.03 m2

1 floor | Parking: 1 (add-on purchase)

5,042,211 CZK


Zelené kaskády | Apartment 210

2 + kk, 64.30 + 3.50 m2

2 floor | Parking: 1 (add-on purchase)

8,416,277 CZK

Tentative reserved

Zelené kaskády | Apartment 116

1 + kk, 35.60 + 9.77 m2

1 floor | Parking: 1 (add-on purchase)

5,013,155 CZK

The information provided on this page is not a public offer. The GARTAL Cashback promotion applies to all current projects of the GARTAL group that have not been completed. This promotion cannot be combined with other promotional offers. The promotion may be canceled at any time, and its conditions may be changed. Any changes or cancellation of shares will not affect the previously concluded contracts.

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